Feminine Voice Training

  • Generate Full Featured Voice Overs From Any Text Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars.
  • Discover feminization techniques that will take your voice from passable to beautiful.
  • Turn Any Text Or Script Into A Highly Engaging And Sexy Voice-Over In Just 3 Clicks.
  • Kathe and Amadhia Provide A Unique Way For Transgender Women To Feminize Their Voices
  • A how-to manual that makes it easier to make certain contact with God our Creator.
  • Naturally Voice Over Your Scripts Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars
  • An Ultimate Program Allows You To Generate Natural Sounding Voice-Overs From Any Text.
  • And A Firm Butt WITHOUT Ever Lifting Another Clunky Heavy Weight At The Gym Again...
  • Discover How Hypnosis Can Complete Your Feminine Transformation.
  • Personal Development, Self Help and Motivational Downloads from The On-Line Leader.
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    Learn how to achieve a passable feminine voice in the next 30 days.


    The 30 Day Crash Course is a beginners program designed for transgender women with little to no experience working with their voices.

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