Specops Bushcrafting

  • How To Start A Fire By Using... Your Pee.
  • Get All 14 Of Skilled Survival Guides And 8 Survival Reports Today To Protect Your Loved Once
  • Get Your 50.00 Military Tough 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife 100 FREE Today.
  • It contains only long lasting foods that can be stored without refrigeration
  • Stainless Steel Survival Saw Could Save Your Life Or Simplify Your Recreational Outdoor Adventures
  • A Must-Have And Advanced Tactical Shovel With 8 Essential Survival Tools Built-In
  • Use this to maintain your balance... walk long distances... keep predators at bay
  • Get The Ultimate Survival Instinct Nutrition Diet That Shows Your Metabolic Direction
  • Dr. John Herzog put together a comprehensive list of 'survival home remedies'.
  • This No.1 Survivalist's Field Reference Book Gives Away All The Survival Secrets.
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    How To Start A Fire By Using… Your Pee.



    I’m always on the lookout for unorthodox survival methods. And since fire-starting is an essential skill to master, I find this to be one of the most easy and practical techniques out there.

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